Bioticircular Submarine Planter(In-Ground Treasure Planter)

Material: Recycled pulp and natural & biodegradable materials.
Size:Lid : 49cm L x 28 cm W x 4 cm H
Basin: 50cm L x 29 cm W x 14 cm H
Wick : 55cm x 1 pc.
Periscope : 3 cm dia. x 23.3 cm H
( incl. Pipe cap.: 4.2 cm dia. x 4 cm H)
Hollow Chimney: 9 cm dia. x 13 cm dia. x 11 cm H
Water Storage Capacity : 9 liters
Weight : 1115 g ± 10%
Color: Dark Brown
Product Shape : Ingot with Periscope and Chimney


1. Low-tech, high-environmental protection products are made of recycled pulp and natural biodegradable materials.

2. It is developed, designed and manufactured by Taiwan, and has obtained two patents.

3. The appearance is inspired by the ingots that symbolize wealth and endless life in Chinese culture. The design of collecting water with pots and drip irrigation with ropes improves the survival rate of tree planting. The water storage capacity of 9 liters can help the saplings get through the stage that needs protection most. Besides, the planter is buried under the soil, and there is a periscope (with a openable cap which will be inserted through the hole of lid to basin) for observing the amount of water loss and reimbursement water for irrigation. Furthermore, a hollow chimney added in order for protection of the sapling and prevent the outside soils from falling into the water in the basin.

4. In addition to water storage, the basin body also has the functions of windproof, weed prevention, cooling and moisturizing, etc. It has both water storage and protection capabilities, and can continuously store and receive rainwater.

5. The care of saplings can last up to one year, and it has multiple functions, which greatly improves the survival rate of tree planting!

6. After the saplings grow up, the body of planter can be completely biodegraded in the soil, only for the leaving greenery environment and no burden!

7. With Six Savings Powers, such as “Water Storage Power”, “Water Collection Power”, “Protection Power”, “Manpower Saving Power”, “Money Saving Power”, “Environmental Protection Power” to accelerate forestry.