BiotiCircular Fortune Planter (Water Storing Seedling Pot)

The product is made by combining recycled and regenerated paper pulp with naturally biodegradable materials. It has obtained two patents. The design of the product is inspired by the "yuanbao," a symbol of wealth and everlasting prosperity in Eastern culture.

The product incorporates a design that utilizes water collection in a basin and drip irrigation with a rope, which enhances tree survival rates. The basin not only collects water but also functions as a windbreak, weed barrier, cooling agent, and moisture retainer. It can continuously collect rainwater, nurturing the sapling for up to a year, significantly improving tree survival rates.

Once the sapling grows, the basin completely biodegrades in the soil.

Material: Lid and basin: 100% biodegradable recycled paper pulp coated with organic penetrant

Size : Lid: L49xW28xH4cm

Basin: L50xW29xH14cm

Wicks: L55cm*1pc

Storage Capability: 9 Liters